Messiaen Post-Movement 8

I had trouble defining an exact technique that we discussed in class. One thing that stood out to me though was how the two opening phrases (within measures 1-6), share the same rhythm and melodic contour. I do not know if this exactly qualifies as isorhythm since the second phrase has a different color thanContinue reading “Messiaen Post-Movement 8”

Vignettes Post:

This piece is a three-movement work, each movement having a different structure to it. The first movement is the longest, and it has a broad structure of starting out very mysterious and soft, then building to a heavier, more intense feel. Towards the end, this movement calms down before it finishes. The second movement, inContinue reading “Vignettes Post:”

Bauer Half String Quartet Post

The profile of this piece is a through-composed work. Lots of non-conventional but unique sounds are used with the two string instruments. Often, the two parts are playing something rhythmically and melodically different. There is not much strict cohesion between the parts except with matching tempo. I would describe the work as very abstractly colorful.Continue reading “Bauer Half String Quartet Post”

Composotion Listening Post 1

This collection of songs seems to have the in intention of being thought-provoking, while also expressing somewhat symbolically and poetically what the composer has witnessed. A variety of rhythmic and meter devices are employed, ranging from the freer rhythmic feel of Daedalus to the irregular meter used in Jesus on a Train. One constant isContinue reading “Composotion Listening Post 1”

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