Final Post

In this post I will be comparing and contrasting the film scores of the two movies Fantastic Mr. Fox and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. The films are both similar with their music in many ways. However, I will be pointing out some differences between them. Particularly, I will address the use of diegetic as opposedContinue reading “Final Post”

Post on “Emma”

This movie Emma directed by Douglas McGrath of 1996 is one that truly encompasses Skinner’s three categories of love, menace, and comedy. While primarily centered around love, we get moments of anguish amongst characters and little humorous parts too. The music heard is mostly non-diegetic as it is also primarily empathetic towards the emotion ofContinue reading “Post on “Emma””

Post on “Pee Wee”

While I cannot say that I had any first thoughts on Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, I was rather enlightened to be analyzing one of my personal favorite films. This film from 1985, directed by Tim Burton, has a very distinct film score from any of the other movies that we have watched so far. TheContinue reading “Post on “Pee Wee””

Post on “Close Encounters”

What, Aliens?! That’s right. In the film Close Encounters of 1977 as directed by Stephen Spielberg, this is the main concept throughout. Starting with mysterious phenomena occurring around regular settings and situations, then leading up to a final sighting of both the flying ships and the aliens themselves. The non-diegetic music is mostly very relevantContinue reading “Post on “Close Encounters””

Post on “Vertigo”

Well…well! It appears that we have yet another murder mystery film within our repertoire today. This to be none other than Vertigo, the classic 1958 film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Much like the music in Laura, we hear that it has similar correspondences with some of the same themes. We hear many occurrences of ominous-soundingContinue reading “Post on “Vertigo””

Post on “Laura”

Another whodunnit type film is about! Now with optimal drama and more emotion than ever before! Director Otto Preminger’s Laura from 1944 is packed with music that both sets the mood for each scene, as well as the entire movie. One important characteristic to note is the romantic-sounding string theme playing, first in a non-diegeticContinue reading “Post on “Laura””

Robin Hood Post:

If you want a heavily engaging high action film with a touch of humor and romance throughout, then look no further! The Adventures of Robin Hood from 1938 is just for you. The music is expressive of the film from the very beginning. First heard in the opening credits, there is a brass-heavy fanfare, followedContinue reading “Robin Hood Post:”


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