Reflection on Trio Composition

I think that my intentions to “trigger” a different sense of something in the listeners came through. I also like how the overal flow of the piece ended up going. The homophonic structure of it I feel was a good effect in order to execute it.

What challenged me in this the most is how I would initially evoke a sense. What I ended up deciding to do is, I simplified the process. Meaning that I just decided to think of my favorite color and then the first thing I thought of with it was the tremelo chords in the beginning. Then I worked from there to develop the phrase after that. Then, to try to be a little sly, I worked in the “Simply Red” chords that I thought would be humorous and ironic with the sense I was trying to evoke.

In terms of what I would do differently, I would try to maybe evoke a greater, more sophisticated image. Meaning, more than just a solid color. I liked how the other students tried to evoke actual other images with their compositions.

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