Vignettes Post:

This piece is a three-movement work, each movement having a different structure to it. The first movement is the longest, and it has a broad structure of starting out very mysterious and soft, then building to a heavier, more intense feel. Towards the end, this movement calms down before it finishes. The second movement, in contrast, starts with more urgency from the beginning and is more intense throughout, until the very end. The third movement is the most contrasting of the three, as it is slower, more legato, and overall, more pleasant-sounding. The instrumentation is for piano, flute, and cello. The melodic structures used tend to have a bit of a modal sound to them throughout the three movements. Each of the three instruments also tend to trade the melody around, as well as having some unison or harmonious moments that are rhythmically cohesive. Overall, I would say that this piece is harmonically/melodically both dissonant, and consonant at different times. While there is no “conventional” tonality used, the voice leading, and harmonies do sound pleasing and are rather accessible at times.

The first two movements evoked a sense of urgency and uncertainty in me. This was largely attributed to the fact that there was very little-to-no consistency structurally, melodically, or harmonically. Along with that, the heavy-in-dynamic and virtuosic sections of these movements helped elevate those emotions for me. In terms of another sense evoked, I got the image of, say, a busy inside of a store, or a busy urban street intersection. In more detail, I thought of, say, a time lapse version of a busy area, where in the video, you see everything moving even faster than their natural speed. This being in relationship to the character from these two movements. The third movement, however, made me think of floating in the sky as its demeanor was very calm and smooth-flowing. This given its more elegant-feeling character.

As far as challenges, there were no large ones with this piece. I found that it was an easier one to grasp in comparison to others we have listened to. The small modal-sounding melodic ideas were what I believe kept me engaged with the piece the most as they seemed to be integral throughout. I am especially curious though as to what Barnett’s personal influence behind these pieces is. The titles are rather extravagant and do not give me much hint towards anything. The most rewarding part of analyzing this piece was that I could grasp onto it and be more curious about it overall.

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