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Alex Laskowski-Hollywood Film Music 185

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Latest from the Blog

Final Post

In this post I will be comparing and contrasting the film scores of the two movies Fantastic Mr. Fox and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. The films are both similar with their music in many ways. However, I will be pointing out some differences between them. Particularly, I will address the use of diegetic as opposed…

Blog Post on “BlackkKlansman”

While it is likely not a movie for a Friday night party, the movie The BlackkKlansman is yet a well-made film for what it is about. The music used throughout greatly conveys the theme of black oppression in Colorado Springs, Colorado. More specifically, a black detective’s struggle as he is in a position of straddling…

Post on “Fantastic Mr. Fox”

Written in the title, this movie is indeed fantastic like Mr. Fox, a.k.a. Foxy himself. Directed by Wes Anderson and having come out in 2009, this film is not short of being entertaining and engaging by any stretch. Such a fundamental part of that capability is heavily attributed to its music. One very notable characteristic…

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